What to Read

Looking for books to bing read? These are books you can read in one sitting whether you have a few hours or a whole day to read.

These days, I like to find books to read based on how much time I have to allot to reading. I usually don’t have time to spend weeks on a single book, so I’ve turned to shorter books in recent months. Previous editions of this series have included lists of books you can read in one hour and books … [Read More...]

What should you read this fall? These fall books on my list are perfect for readers of all ages and encompass a range of genres.

It's time for another Literary Junkies link party. If you want to join a fun virtual book club, the Literary Junkies club is home to some of my favorite people (including myself, naturally). We are reading The Magician's Lie by Greer MacAllister in August, which looks like it will be an interesting … [Read More...]

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Writing Tips

Feeling burned out by writing? Do all your pieces sound the same? You may be in a writing rut. Use these handy tips to get out of a writing rut fast!

6 Simple Ways to Get Out of a Writing Rut

  Writers write in a variety of voices, particularly if they write for several different magazines/blogs/clients/genres/whatever and are professional writers or authors. However, once you find your writing voice, sometimes it’s easy to get stuck there. This makes it harder to adopt … [Read More...]

Do you want to improve your writing skills but don't have a large budget? These 10 free online writing courses can help you learn to write better today!

10 Free Online Writing Courses to Improve Writing Skills

We all want to write better. But just like any other skill, becoming a better writer takes time, energy, and often money! However, it's your wallet's lucky day as I’ve manged to find a list of free online writing courses to improve writing skills that still take time and energy, but at least they … [Read More...]

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